Distraction Free Editing

When we first created launch.ly, we had an editor which had a toolbar in the style of Microsoft Word. We then added the option of Markdown because we really love markdown. But we needed something better.

Problems with the toolbar style of editor kept coming up and we needed to address it. We started looking at it with fresh eyes and noticed that people fall in to two categories - those who absolutely love markdown and those who are petrified of it.

I don’t know why, markdown is absolutely wonderful, but the fear of learning something just scares some people, even with the cheat sheet feature in place. But, we noticed that the people who worried about markdown are also people who just want to get in there, type some words and get out. It was time to come up with a new editor just for those who just want the freedom to type without all the distractions around them.

We created a “distraction free” editor that is just about the copy you write.

Select distraction free as your editor and you will be able to just type your title, teaser and copy. Select some text and a little helper will appear to let you add emphasis to text, create headings or links.

Markdown is still there for power editors and it’s still my “go to” format of choice, but I do love the simplicity of the distraction free style.

by Craig Sullivan

16 Apr 2014