Shortcut Keys

Really speed up your work with shortcut keys. Swiftly navigate and perform actions faster with these key combinations.

There are a number of shortcut keys in They really help speed up your work. You can quickly jump from one section to the next and can quickly perform actions as if you clicked on the button.

There is a quick reference in the top right section that has the up-to-date short cut keys that are available to you. But here is the current list …

ctrl + shift + o Orders
ctrl + shift + c Contacts
ctrl + shift + i Items
ctrl + shift + h Home (dashboard)
ctrl + shift + n Navigation
ctrl + shift + l Visit site
ctrl + shift + p Price book
ctrl + shift + d Discounts
ctrl + shift + b Billing


ctrl + shift + Last Page
ctrl + shift + First Page


Next Order
Previous Order


ctrl + shift + a New Item

by Craig Sullivan

28 Apr 2014