We're taking sign-in issues off you!

That’s right. We now provide direct support to your clients for login and user account issues, but we are doing so in an invisible way.

We want our clients to not have to worry about the support of their website unless it relates directly to their core business.

We understand that most of our clients are small businesses with no internet engineering experience and to be honest, those that do often tell their clients things that, well, let’s be honest, they say things that just aren’t true. It is not their fault, they just don’t have the level of knowledge of our systems that we do.

So this is what we have done. There are no longer a set of users for each individual website. Instead, there is now a single user database across all sites we manage. We did this so that we can manage support issues from a single location and to also protect privacy of our client’s customers. This was a big change that happened under the hood.

What people can see is what happens when you can’t log in … try it, click on the sign in widow, click on the “By Email Address” tab and click the “Sign in” button without entering any details. We then let people know what they can do. They can reset their password or can “Ask a human for help”.

The “Get help from a human” page is a short form that let’s people detail the problems they are having and the report comes directly to us which we help them with.

We think this service is the best way we can look after our clients and their customers.

by Craig Sullivan

20 Mar 2012