GET /exchange_rates

Allows you to obtain an estimate of value of a particular currency compared to another.

This service relies on data sourced from the European Central Bank and is intended to provide a reliable indicator of current exchange rates.

Available Currencies

The following currencies are available for conversion

Name Currency
US dollar USD
Japanese yen JPY
Bulgarian lev BGN
Czech koruna CZK
Danish krone DKK
Estonian kroon EEK
Pound sterling GBP
Hungarian forint HUF
Lithuanian litas LTL
Latvian lats LVL
Polish zloty PLN
New Romanian leu RON
Swedish krona SEK
Swiss franc CHF
Norwegian krone NOK
Croatian kuna HRK
Russian rouble RUB
Turkish lira TRY
Australian dollar AUD
Brasilian real BRL
Canadian dollar CAD
Chinese yuan renminbi CNY
Hong Kong dollar HKD
Indonesian rupiah IDR
Indian rupee INR
South Korean won KRW
Mexican peso MXN
Malaysian ringgit MYR
New Zealand dollar NZD
Philippine peso PHP
Singapore dollar SGD
Thai baht THB
South African rand ZAR

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description Examples
amount (required) decimal The amount to be exchanged to another currency. 123.45
from_currency (required) decimal The type of currency to be exchanged from. USD
to_currency (required) decimal The type of currency to be exchanged to. AUD
precision (optional) decimal The precision specifies number of places after decimal point. Defaults to 2. 2

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
from_amount decimal The amount you requested a conversion estimate on.
from_currency string Source currency type.
from_rate decimal Source currency exchange rate.
currency string Destination currency type.
rate decimal Destination currency exchange rate
amount decimal The amount of the destination currency you have once converted.
precision integer The precision used.


This will return the following JSON …

 2  "from_amount": 10.0,
 3  "from_currency": "USD",
 4  "from_rate": 1.3561,
 5  "currency": "AUD",
 6  "rate": 1.4227,
 7  "amount": 10.4911,
 8  "precision": 4