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Does Google use Keywords Meta tag? No.

No, Google does not use the keywords meta tag. Here is why ...

All Purpose Storage and Removals API client

We just released an open source ruby API client to get a quote for shipping from All Purpose Removals and Storage.

Nesting markdown inside of an HTML tag

When wrapping our markdown content with HTML tags, the markdown is not processed. Here is how we overcame the issue.

New CloudFront and Route53 Edge Location: Sydney!

Having an edge location in Australia is a big thing for us. It means that DNS requests are now served by servers in Australia and so will all our images and downloads.

Facebook Gotchas

One of the issues I ran in to was how to remember that you are inside of facebook when you click on a link inside your page tab. Here I show you how I solved it.

Facebook tags

We made two new tags that let you create great facebook app sites.

How to add an "edit this item" button

Want to add an "Edit this item" button to take you straight to the edit item page? Here is how you do it ...

Added new human_size filter today

We added new human_size filter today to display.

New variables to 'latest' tag

You now have access to index, index0, even and odd named variables within the 'latest' tag.

Freebie: Twitter Background Photoshop Template (PSD)

Looking for a free Photoshop template for designing your killer Twitter backgrounds? You can download our free PSD template right here.

Freebie: Facebook Cover Photo Photoshop Template (PSD)

Looking for a free Photoshop template for Facebook timeline cover photos? You can download our free PSD template right here.

Simple Sign in Button

Need a simple sign in button in Here is the code you need.

New "members only" tags

Just added a two useful tags to snippets to determine if a user is, or is not a member of a particular role.

We've added locales to navigation

There is a new locale selection list next to the parent selector. If it is left blank, the category will be visible in all locales. If you select a particular locale, the menu will only be visible in that locale.

Using placeholder images

How to use placeholder images in snippets.

How images work on

Ever wondered how images work on If you are like most ordinary people, then you probably haven't ... but I am going to explain it because it is pretty fundamental to designing a great site.

'Latest' items

Do you need to display the most recent items in a section or your site? Here is how you do it …

Embedding github gists

Inserting gists in to snippets is easy in

Super Awesome Pagination

Have you ever wanted to design some beautiful pagination? We do all the time!

We're taking sign-in issues off you!

That’s right. We now provide direct support to your clients for login and user account issues, but we are doing so in an invisible way.