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Customising contact form emails based on field values

You can now customise contact emails based on which contact form is being submitted or any other form field value. Awesome!

A repeat customer is a great customer.

You now have access to order.new_customer?, order.repeat_customer? and order.repeat_customer_count

SSLv3 'POODLE' CVE-2014-3566

We have taken action due to the discovery of SSLv3 'POODLE' vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566).

Shell Shock CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-7169

Read our notice about CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-7169 "Shell Shock" security vulnerability.

You can no longer delete variants or items that have been ordered.

You can no longer delete variants or items that have been previously ordered.  Just turn the "active" switch off instead.

We added a "repeat customer" badge.

We added a "repeat customer" badge (blue thumbs up!) to let you know if a customer has ordered from you before.

We have changed the way we calculate plans

It's always nice to pass on a price reduction.

We added support for 172 new currencies. Awesome!

You can now choose from 172 currencies to set your payment gateway to.

R.I.P. Diners Club

We checked all accounts and no one accepts Diners Club these days, so we removed all support for it.

Specialist Product for Trade Retailers

We have constructed a specialist implementation of for Trade Retailers.

Stock Indicators

Seeing what stock you have on an item screen.

Making a full screen search box

I really enjoy full screen search boxes where a full screen overlay pops up when you click on a search icon or link. Here is how we made it.

New System Notification Emails

Today we are rolling out our new system notifications. You will now get emails for payment success, failure, expiring cards, renewal success and failure and more.

New github repository -

We have a new github repo at

New 'can' and 'cannot' tag

We just added can and cannot tags to snippets. The can and cannot tags check to see if someone has a particular permission.

Shortcut Keys

Really speed up your work with shortcut keys. Swiftly navigate and perform actions faster with these key combinations.

Distraction Free Editing

When we first created, we had an editor which had a toolbar in the style of Microsoft Word. We then added the option of Markdown because we really love markdown. But we needed something better.

Announcing the partner program

We are pleased to announce the Partner Program. The program is designed for agencies, graphic design firms, printers or other like minded businesses who need to offer their clients top of the line, locally engineered website systems that may also need commerce facilities.

Cool filtering/sort buttons

Do you have ecommerce style layout and want to sort your items by price, name or updated date? What about a search box too? We created a sample of how to do just this with a toolbar of sortable buttons.

Simple tip to make creating items easier with link structure ...

Try naming your items with colons representing your site's structure.