Plans and Pricing

All our plans are priced the same for everyone in order to be fair to all our much loved clients. We operate on a pay as you go basis with no contracts. You can cancel at any time without any fear of penalties.

We have revolutionised the way people choose what plan they require. Rather than worry what features you need, all features are available on all plans. We do not try to upsell you based on a feature you really need. We have also created automatic plan selection for you so that you will automatically be on the lowest possible plan at all times based on the number of items you have. You will never be paying for a higher plan than you need.

As you remove items, if you fall below a plan threshold, you will be automatically downgraded. If you add items and will be upgraded to the next plan, you will be shown a warning screen that you will be automatically moved to the higher plan, giving you the chance to not add any more items to stay under the plan limit or to do a little house keeping and remove some older items. It’s the fairest plan selection mechanism in the industry and we’re proud of it.

The current plan prices are available at

Additional Usage

For any additional features that incur expenses, such as DNS hosting, you will be quoted a price before you proceed to use that feature. We try to eliminate as many of these as possible and at present only DNS hosting, domain names and hosting redirectors incur additional expenses.