Creates a href link.


{{ text | link: url, title='', css_class=nil, id=nil, rel=nil }}

Parameter Description Example Values
text (required) Specifies the HTML text that you wish to form as the content for your href link. “click here”
url (required) The url where you want to link to. “/contact”
css_class Specifies css class(es) for the link. “btn”
id Specifies an id for the link. “contact-button”
rel The value for the rel attribute. “tooltip”


{{ 'Melbourne Systems' | link_to: '', 'btn' }}

This will create a link to with the css clases “button” and “info” to turn the link into a a button.

{{ | link_to: item.url }}

Links a given item to the items url

{{ "exchange rates" | link: ‘/:locale/__/exchange_rates?amount=10&from_currency=AUD&to_currency=USD', 'this is a cool link', 'facebox', 'exchange-rates-link', 'facebox' }}

This will produce a link that invokes a popup window to the exchange rates calculator.